Welcome To My Travel Blog!

2 02 2012

As I was updating my Yahoo account yesterday with everyone’s emails, phone numbers and postal addresses, I began to think hard about this blogging business.  From my trip to Europe last year I have produced a travel journal which I intend to sell online as an E-Book sometime later this year.  It is called “A Kiwi, a Brit and a wedding in Spain” and I have posted a couple of chapters here for you to dip your toes into.  The book is in its final stages – my ‘lawyer’ is just looking into a potential defamation of character lawsuit.  No biggie.  LOL  Anyway, it took a long time to type up, edit and finalise that I thought maybe this time I would try blogging my tales as I go.

So here we go!  Welcome to Kiri’s Travel Tales where my traveling experiences will be uploaded for your entertainment, for mum’s peace of mind, and to provide me a tangible memory of my travels in years to come, when I have forgotten where I parked the car and the idea of carrying a backpack makes my toes withdraw abruptly to my ankles!

And where am I heading to this time?  *drum roll*  “It’s South East Asiaaaaaa” I call in my best Miss Universe commentator’s voice.

The Backpackers

I am on the brink of my next big journey and itching to get my pack on my back and get exploring.  My Hepatits A immunity is ready for any potential enemy microorganism attacks, my super strength Bushman’s insect repellent (SPF 15+ inclusive – perfect for those early morning starts!) is ready to dissuade pesky mosquitoes from feeding on my delicate, tasty, freckled skin, and I have four Diastop pills in the corner or my bag next to the toilet paper…just in case.  Reminder:  keep mouth closed when in shower.

I also have Roger, my trusty travel sidekick/photographer and husband, to keep me fully entertained as he battles with rice, noodles, cockroach skewers, fresh monkey’s brains and any other delectable dishes that pass across our restaurant table.  He has already decided on his diet for the next ten days: canned tuna, bananas (peel-able fruit is considered ‘safe’), one multi-vitamin supplement a day and Gatorade – because “water tastes like crap”.  He will be fine, he will eat when he gets to England.

We have been brushing up on our bartering skills using our Vietnamese Dong in mum’s living room and we have discovered that we are, for want of a better word, useless!  While Roger refuses to budge an inch, I give in at the tiniest bit of pressure.  Throw in a small, hungry, smudgy faced child and I’m a goner!  And as always when I am planning my trips, the Lonely Planet has been invaluable , including handy little tips like “Don’t sit on the back seat of a bus as they are reserved for monks.”  No problemo.  I was never cool enough for the back seat at school either!

So if you’ve managed to get this far, brilliant!  Welcome!  Come along with me on my travels.  It will be my shout, you don’t need to pay a cent.  To keep up with my posts just insert your email address in the bar on the right of this page and then click on the FOLLOW button.  Whenever I post, it will come straight to your email.  Easy aye?  For my more senior readers who may have difficulty reading the small print on this blog, hold down CTRL and press the + button to enlarge it.  To reduce, hold the CTRL and press the – button.  (Got that Mum?!  LOL)

Alrighty then.  Time to get my bags packed and find that elusive passport of mine.   Our adventure starts on Sunday 5th February at 5.30am (cheap flight).  Talk to you again after that.

K 🙂