My First Novel – The Gillywood Boys

15 12 2021

There hasn’t been much travel writing going on over the last six years while I’ve been trying to get this ticked off my bucket list. But I’ve finally done it!

An adventure novel for teenage boys aged 12-14 years (approx), ‘The Gillywood Boys’ was born out of my time teaching at Guildford Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia. One of the first schools in Perth, its rich history and culture had story possibilities buzzing around in my head for months which has finally culminated in this historical fiction.

Available for sale on Amazon worldwide. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it!

And if you did enjoy it, please feel free to leave a review at



2 responses

15 12 2021
The East Coast wahine

You are amazing my little wahine xox can’t wait to read this over the Christmas break and all the best for the launch into authordom (I know that’s not a word but it’s ok Miss, lol)

16 12 2021

Hmmm who could this be? A Maori student from my past….. Is it…… Terehia? Christine maybe?

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